Spurn Point Photography

Spurn point is well known in 'photography circles' for shots of the sea defences. The sea defences include huge pieces of rock and large wooden posts. Lots of the wooden posts are different sizes, some worn and shattered and some ripped from the shore and laid on their side in the sand.

Its a remote place and if you walk the beach on the way round you can not meet anyone for hours. I love it there its also very harsh and wild in stormy weather and there are loads of things to photograph if you look for them.

I've visited there several times now and I've seen washed up whales, a blind seal pup and half a large seal on the beach.

Spurn point beach is not for children there are lots of sharp metal edges and spikes of metal sticking up (remains of things dumped to stop the tide)

Its not a long walk round but harder work walking on the sand, most visitors walk on the road up the middle and return the same way, there are some hides and a lighthouse on that route.

Tide Times

Before you go there you MUST check the tide times, BBC and the tide times (covered with adverts) web sites are the ones I use. The high tides can cut you off and strand you until the tides low which can be 6 hours wait.

There is some free parking on the edge of the road and a £5 all day car park with charging points opposite the cafe. The cafes is pretty good they do sandwiches, pasties and a good cuppa coffee, they also have toilets.

Bird Watching - Lots of the people who visit Spurn are bird watchers and they don't walk the beaches but use the hides and look for birds on the marshes and mud flats when the tides out.