Anthony Gormley Sculpture - Liverpool

These Anthony Gormley Sculptures are found on Crosby Beach in Liverpool, there are one hundred of them placed across the vast beach, some in the sea and some closer to the land

Anthony Gormley Sculpture

Anthony Gormley Sculpture

I spent a few hours on the beach walking round and looking at possible shots, the sculptures have amazing textures and I took a few close up texture shots and also brought my ND filters to get some long exposure water shots.

The sea was on its way in when I visited the beach which worked out well as I could get close to a sculpture set up the shot then re shoot as the sea surrounded it. There are figures at different heights along the beach, some semi submerged out at sea and some full standing dry on the beach, a great choice of shots.

tip: As the water washes round the tripod legs it moves the sand and can alter the composition and de focus the shot, much more noticeable on bracketed shots or long exposure shots. A fix I use is to force the legs deep into the sand one by one so there's no movement. I've seen other Guys using spikes and one using old CDs to balance the legs on (not tried that)