The Return

Probably the best photoshop comp so far I think and the latest, love the lighting on this one and I made sure all of the shots were taken at the same time of day with the same type of light.

The Return

The background was shot up in the Yorkshire Dales on the approach to Whernside in the snow. A few days after headed over to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park at Doncaster to get the Polar Bear shot I needed, then roughly put those images together in photoshop then drew over it as a proof of concept to see if it would work.

Proof of Concept

Once I was happy with that I emailed the rough image to my iPad and using that as reference I photographed the model at the correct angle again outside and with the light in roughly the same position and the same time of day.

All the other sections of the image are drawn by hand using a Wacom tablet and some of my old textures and then shaded in, probably the hardest thing I found on this one was creating the path and getting that to look like a muddy well worn snowy path.