Wrens are I think one of the trickier british birds to photograph, they are always flitting about and tend to spend lots of time low down hidden in brambles and small bushes and they don't sit still for a long time.


Wren - On guard

Another from Malham taken near the wrens nest while a juvenile Peregrine Falcon is sitting on a fence post above the nest. Needless to say the Wren wasn't very happy, but I must say for its size it was incredibly brave.

When I started taking shots of birds I made a point of trying to capture a really good shots of one, as you can see I've got a few OK shots but still looking for a much better one.

Wren Singing

Wren Singing

The Wren singing was taken while walking round the Harewood Estate, its just flew out into the sunlight singing, stopped for a few seconds and flew off.