Dave Seipp - Leeds Photography

I guess the photography started properly just after my Dad died, I was left His old Nikon film camera and three lenses...

I searched on the internet for a digital camera body that would work with all the lenses and bought a Nikon D90.

As most people I guess, I started on Auto settings and took lots of mediocre shots. I started watching lots of youtube videos many from Improve Photography and Adorama (see below for full list) and then turned the Auto setting to P and then to A as everything I read and watched said that would give you far more control of your shots.

I could never really get my head around the F-stop and ISO settings when people explained it, but managed to work it all out so I understood it by actually trying it out.

My flickr account shows my development over the years including different genres and trying out styles e.g. HDR photography.

I still watch youtube tutorials and also listen to podcasts trying to learn as much as I can and have bought a better camera and some better quality lenses.

I shoot mainly landscape photography now but in an attempt to be a better photographer I’ve tried out wildlife, still-life and currently portrait photography which I really enjoy.

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